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Currency Inflation & Manipulations 

In many countries food is paid for with gold because the currency is worthless.  Governments are able to steal the money away from the people by inflation.  It is also a fact that most income taxes are used to pay for the "borrowed" money created from thin air.  This means that the taxpayers are responsible for not only having their wealth inflated away from them but the taxpayers must pay the central bankers for the privilege.

Governments have learned with the help of the Central Banks to loot their populations by devaluing their currencies.  This cheap money means that the governments are able to pay their bills with currency that is not worth as much in the present as when the expenses were incurred in the past.  Unfortunately, the people end up paying the price by unemployment, underemployment, inflation and high prices.

The only true protection against this kind of economic monetary policy is to hold your weath in gold or silver.  We sell affordable gold by the gram.  Protect your wealth today.