Blackbear Gold

Affordable Gold by the Gram

Who We Are

At Blackbear Gold we are dedicated to educating the public about money and precious medals.  We realize that there has been a vast deception played on the people and we are doing all we can to inform and to offer true money in the form of affordable gold. 

We are also focused on providing income opportunities to people who want to earn money legitimately while helping others to protect their wealth.  If you have an interest in wealth protection or in making a living helping other understand what real money is we invite you to join the team at no cost to you.  Simply click on the appropriate button below.

Why Us?

We have 30+ years of business experience working in the corporate financial arena.  When we talk about gold we are speaking from hands on experience in financial markets and banking.  This means that we are able to help our team members to understand how to use gold as a hedge against inflation.

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