Blackbear Gold

Affordable Gold by the Gram Webutation


Gold!  Since the dawn of time gold has been a rare and much sought after commodity.  It is in the Bible.  It is our history.  It is in our minds. 

Only gold can be "real money".  Real money is not the paper and coins you carry around in your pockets.  Those are only the receipts for real money.  They represent money.  Only gold and silver can be real money because no one can create it.  It is in limited supply and therefore it can not be artificially synthesized.  Paper money is manmade.

Gold has more than out performed the American Stock Market over time.  But there are signs that the price of gold is being deliberately held down.  What this means is that one day the price will explode and when it does holders of gold will see a winfall.  Therefore, we do not sell gold as an investment but more as a hedge against inflation.  In other words, as paper money loses its value so does the price of gold go up.  That is why you should hold gold as a hedge.  See here about the Weimer Republic.

Blackbear is an independent agent for Karatbars.  We sell gold bullion by the bar for you to hold either in our vaults are in your own possession for the time if and when the paper currency collapses.  Rather than holding your wealth in paper money which can be stolen by obscene monetary policies you should store your wealth in gold.

Become an owner of affordable gold or an agent and make money by helping others protect their wealth.